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Pasta Madre is a bouncy TPS all italian, a gangster spaghetti for PC and consoles.

Graduation Video Game School : RUBIKA (France)
Year : 2021
Platform: PC 
Engine: Unreal Engine 4
Number of player: 1
Genre: Beat 'em Up / Exploration

Italy — 1960

Embody Graziella, a fierce and talented recluta of the Del Campo gang: an all female criminal organisation led by Donatella Del Campo. In Montebello, the greatness of a gang is measured by the amount of Pasta one possesses. They are everything from food to religion and ammunition. For generations, the Del Campo have been holding on to the Pasta Madre, a mysteriously powerful Farfalle artefact.

One day, Dona decides to sign a treaty to unite her gang with her once mortal enemies : the Rizzos, to expand her empire. But as she invites them into her palazzo, her gang members all resign. Graziella decides to steal the all powerful Pasta Madre and use it to get her revenge on her former boss and take down her new goons.


PASTA MADRE is a student graduation project made by 8 students from RUBIKA, France :

  • Julia MARTINEZ BAIARDI / Vision Owner, Character Artist & 2D Artist
  • Clara WIMMER / Lead Artist, Environment Artist & Level Artist
  • Vincent LETANG / Environment Artist & Lighting Artist
  • Tristan VEILLE / Lead Game Designer & 3C, Combat Designer
  • Lila GRIMALDI / Producer & Narrative System Designer
  • Antonin DRUELLE / Level Designer & AI Designer
  • Alexis LEDOUBLE / Lead Programmer & 3C Programmer
  • Julien CREPIN / Gameplay & AI Programmer


  • Marie LEBLANC, Props Artist 
  • Louis FLORANCE, Props Artist 
  • Yuna COLLOC, 3D Animator
  • John MONDELLI, Voice Actor 
  • Amber DAWSON, Voice Actress 
  • Jacquelyn GRAHAM, Voice Actress
  • Pierrick QUEROLLE, Composer 
  • • Geraud DELON, Sound Designer 
  • • Nessim CHEBAANE, Rigger & Skinner

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