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Robot’em Up! is a nervous cooperative beat’em up adventure where you progress in a city full of combats, puzzles and surprises. 

Graduation Video Game School : RUBIKA (France) 
 Year : 2020
Platform: PC 
Engine: Unity
Number of player: 2
Genre: Beat'em up

Robots & Basketball ! What could go wrong ?

Play as 2 robots, explore an abandonned city and destroy the remaining robots defending it using your common energy core as a basket ball. Pass it, Shoot, and Dunk your way through the enemies to discover the secret of this mysterious city.

Get ready to play our game’s Demo, it lasts around 30 minutes and you can try to make the best score possible in the endless mode after that!


Game playable with 2 Xbox (360 or One) gamepads only. 

  • LEFT STICK : Move
  • LT : Dash
  • RT : Pass
  • Y : Dunk
  • START : Pause

Don't hesitate to use PARSEC to be able to play with friends online.


  • B (on keyboard) : Ball comes back in Orange Player's hand
  • Left & Right arrow (on keyboard) : loads previous/next level
  • ² (on keyboard) : show a cheat code list accessible with the mouse
  • R (on keyboard) or Back (on gamepad) : Restart the current level

Don't hesitate to completely restart the game in case the game stays bugged after restarting a level.


Robot'em Up! is a student graduation project, developed in a year, by 8 students from Rubika, France. The game was made with Unity.

Special thanks to our additional helpers : 

Plus d’informations

Instructions d’installation

  • Unzip and Double-click onto the downloaded folder
  • Double-click on "RTU Build"
  • Double-click on "Robot'em Up"
  • Enjoy! ♥
  • Download

    Build Robot'emUp 301 MB


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    that is a very cool game!